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Proofreading is charged at the rate of EUR 25.00 per hour (equivalent to USD 35.00 and GBP 22.00) plus VAT. However, the amount will be correspondingly lower if less time is needed to proofread the work; e.g. half an hour's work will only cost EUR 12.50. Work will not only be corrected on the basis of spelling and grammar, but stylistic changes and/or suggestions will also be made.


Translations (German into English only) will be calculated at the rate of EUR 0.10 per word (equivalent to USD 0.15 and GBP 0.08) plus VAT. I regret that I am unable to provide certified translations.


American or British English will be used upon request. Payment for services can be accepted via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account for this. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail for a non-binding estimate or if you have further queries.


I offer a 5% discount on your first order.


All assignments will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and no information will be passed to third parties.




I would be delighted to discuss the services in more detail. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or use the contact form.

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